Couple’s Toys: Top 5 Types to Try in 2024

Couple Sex Toys

Couple’s Toys 2024 – Sex with your partner should always be fun and exciting. But it’s all too easy to lose that sense of intimacy and, therefore, pleasure. Sometimes new lingerie is the key to spicing things up, or perhaps a new position. For those of you who are perhaps a bit more experimental, adult toys are a great option. 

Toys can do things our bodies can’t. They vibrate and pulse to create intense and complex sensations, and the sheer variety of these desirable experiences helps keep many couples’ sex lives interesting and fun. 

Are you hoping to bring something new to your bedroom (or wherever)? Then let’s look at five couples toys you’ll find hard not to use.

Note: If you’re keen on using couple’s toys, make sure your partner is too. Consent and proper communication are not only important but necessary. 

5 Types of Couple’s Toys to Spice Up Your Bedroom Play

So, what toys should every couple own? From rabbit vibrators to vibrating panties to strap-ons, there’s a toy (or three) for every adult. And while everyone’s desires are different, we’re sure one of these five will appeal.

  1. Couples’ Vibrators

This toy works magically for (especially) male-female couples. Worn inside the vagina, its perfect ‘C’ shape fits snugly against the clitoris and G-spot. The partner can thrust it deeper and the vibrations are transmitted down his shaft and perineum while stimulating her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. The toy has 10 different vibration modes, which can be adjusted with one-button remote control. It’s compact, hugs the vagina, and makes penetration feel divine. Try We-Vibe Unite, which is one of our bestsellers in this category. 

What you’ll love the most: While one partner penetrates deeper into the vagina, one part of the toy goes deep inside to stimulate her G-spot. The other part rests on top of the clitoris, providing intense dual stimulation to the wearer. The partner can feel the vibration with every thrust so both of you will enjoy the closeness!

  1. Double-Ended Dildos

To be used vaginally, double-ended dildos are a great way to share that filled-up feeling for lesbian couples! Note: due to the shape of the human anal canal, these toys aren’t meant to be used anally. At Cupid Boutique, we offer both straight and C-shaped dildos to double your joy. 

What you’ll love the most: The fact that both of you will have control over your pleasure while using this toy is what will keep you two hooked on it. It might take some time for re-positioning with this toy, but once you have control over the rhythm, you can simply ride on with ease! 

  1. Rabbit Vibrators

We know what you’re thinking. How can this be a couple’s toy when it’s meant for her? Well, there’s the fun! While using a G-spot rabbit vibrator, you can simply ask your partner to be a spectator. These vibrators provide high-intensity orgasms and the simple look of you enjoying the biggest O will excite your partner.

What you’ll love the most: If you can get hold of a warming, rechargeable, waterproof rabbit vibrator, you can keep the action going for as long as you like in the bedroom, bathroom, or wherever. (Being waterproof makes it a perfect match for fun in the shower.) Also, the temperature control can help you experience the best of orgasms, every time! 

  1. Strap-Ons

Strap-ons consist of a harness and dildo used to penetrate a partner. They are universally loved couples’ toys that come in so many different kinds that you’ll never run out of options. 

What you’ll love the most: You can switch up positions and role-play with your partner while using a strap-on dildo. This toy can bring you closer to your partner.

Note: Strap-ons only get sexier with the right lube. Hence, make sure you have a lot of lube handy while using this toy.
  1. Vibrating Panties

These bullet vibrators slide snugly into the pocket of a sexy pair of panties. Many styles come with a remote to activate the vibrator from afar. Talk about a great way to stimulate your relationship! 

What you’ll love the most: This toy is a great tease in public! She can wear it while her partner has full control of the bullet remote. The wearer will enjoy the vibrations at the discretion of their partner who can use the remote to drive her wild! 

To Wrap It Up

As mentioned, not every toy on this list will appeal to both of you. However, if any of these options seem intriguing to both of you, get out of your comfort zone and give it a try! Ultimately, if you both keep an open mind, introducing adult toys into your bedroom means reaping the benefits! So, do some research, discuss with your partner which toys you want to try and make it happen!


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