Masturbation for Men: Increase the Pleasure with Vibrators

Masturbation for Men

Masturbation for Men – Yes, you read that right. Using vibrators during masturbation is a real thing for both women and men. A range of new male masturbators is slowly gaining momentum among male pleasure-seekers — and for good reason. One study by Indiana University School of Health researchers found that around 45% of men have used vibrators or masturbators for pleasure. 

Other studies report men who use vibrators tend to show more sexual health-promoting behaviors. Simultaneously, they also scored higher on four of the five domains of the International Index of Erectile Function (orgasmic function, intercourse satisfaction, erectile function, and sexual desire).

To that end, let’s explore our range of male masturbators. They can add some serious spice to your solo sex life. 

Types of Male Masturbators for a Better and More Exciting Sexual Experience

There are two kinds of vibrators for men: penis and anal. Which type is best for your pleasure? 

  • Penis Vibrators for Men

For a harder, more sustained erection, penis vibrators are the answer. These toys stimulate blood flow on the underside of the penis for a harder erection. They are also amazing during foreplay, so they’re pretty amazing for both solo and couple’s play. 

For better stimulation and enhanced sensation, it’s always preferable to use vibrators dedicated to men. For example, a vibrating stroker is one of the most realistic masturbators for men and provides intense orgasms. These strokers are available in different sizes, textures, and colors, and have their benefits. 

Apart from strokers, cock rings are another great option to experience stronger, thicker erections during partner play. They sit around the penis and stop blood flow for a fuller shaft. So, if you are interested in delaying orgasm, you can surprise your partner with longer, more intense thrusting, as well as added pulsations, with a vibrating cock ring! 

  • Anal Vibrators for Men

The prostate is often termed the male G-spot. (In fact, it is sometimes referred to as  the P-spot.) And to stimulate the prostate, what’s better than a prostate massager? The prostate gland is an erogenous zone, situated in front of the rectum, behind the bladder, and stimulating it can produce some mind-boggling orgasms! Plus, it’s good for your health. Anal vibrators for men are meant for insertion, of course, so are shaped like a shaft, with an angled tip to directly hit the P-spot. 

  • The Best Male Masturbators

What is the best masturbator for men? That’s a matter of personal choice, made harder by not knowing what to expect from them. You may need a few! Some men prefer a penis sleeve or stroker. Strokers can be a lot of fun if you know how to use them properly. So, if you wish to get the traditional touch and feel of a woman while masturbating, a vibrating power stroker should be the best for you. 

However, a penis or a cock ring might be a hot favorite for others. And if going long and strong is your thing, then cock rings are likely your best choice. 

A Few Tips for Better Stimulation

Have you decided on what you want? Follow these tips to make your experience even better.

  • Use a good amount of water-based lube on your penis as well as your toy. 
  • When using a vibrating masturbator, always start with the lowest setting. Go slow, and don’t just focus on your penis. Try other erogenous zones, like your nipples, balls, and butt. 
  • Experiment with your toys. For example, a cock ring is supposed to sit snugly on the base of the penis. However, you can also try putting it on the tip of your shaft for a different kind of stimulation. 

Now you know how to pleasure yourself better with vibrators and masturbators.  But why restrict yourself to just two or three options? The best masturbator is the one that feels the best during both solo play and partnered sex, so feel free to try them all! 


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