Magic Wand Massagers: How They Rev Things Up in the Bedroom

Magic Wand Massagers

Magic Wand Massagers – If you’ve been thinking about buying a vibrator, you may have already heard about massage wands. They’re one of the most commonly used (and immensely loved) types of vibrators. 

But did you know that they weren’t invented as an adult toy? Hitachi started selling these supposed ‘neck and back massagers’ in 1968. They termed the product a ‘magic wand’ due to its mystic ability to ease knots in muscles. Little did they know – or did they? – that women would start using them for a different purpose! And now these rechargeable massage wands are one of the most renowned adult toys! 

So, if you’re looking for a little stimulation (without penetration), let’s find out why the Magic Wand is indeed pretty magical.

5 Reasons Why a Magic Wand Is Truly Magical

Do you always say to yourself ‘I can’t squirt’ or ‘I can’t experience multiple orgasms’ or ‘I can’t come easily’? Then you need a rechargeable Magic Wand to spice up your sex life. Let’s look at the reasons why it’s worth the price.

  • It’s Powerful

Don’t forget that this wand was designed to ease kinks in back and neck muscles. It’s so powerful that even the lowest setting packs quite a punch. In case your clitoris is extra sensitive, just a brush along it can make you orgasm in minutes. The Magic Wand sends vibrations deep down your clitoris to help you experience intense, power-packed orgasms. 

Note: Every woman’s sensitivity is different. Some may love the powerful vibrations a Magic Wand offers; others may find it overwhelming. It is, therefore, advisable to use it on the lowest setting at first.
  • It’s Reliable

The Magic Wand isn’t just for revving up your sex life; it also relaxes your muscles. And because it’s rechargeable, you won’t run out of battery life easily. 

YouTube has some videos where users endorse the durability and the user-friendly design of Magic Wands. 

Plus, if you usually have trouble orgasm, or if you haven’t been able to try other vibrators, this can be a godsend. 

  • It’s Easy to Use

Every version of these wands is extremely easy to use. For example, the Vibratex massage wand comes with the simplest and most effective controls: an on/off button, a vibration control button, and a speed control button. So, there’s no chance of you accidentally hitting a wrong button while using it or fumbling around to switch it on or off quickly. 

Also, you can use these along with insertable toys like dildos, butt plugs, or strap-ons. 

  • It’s Intense

Massage wands aren’t for insertion. Instead, their vibrations are so strong that keeping it near your clitoris can result in you climaxing intensely and quickly. (Think for one or two minutes.) Super orgasms become a sure thing virtually every time you use your Magic Wand. It’s the mechanical version of a quickie!

  • It’s a Couple’s Toy

A couple’s toy? Really? Really. Many couples love this toy. Holding the Magic Wand on your pubic area while being penetrated can be amazingly intensifying. Both partners can feel the vibrations, which are so strong that early orgasms should be expected. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about investing in some good couple’s toys, the Magic Wand should top that list. 

Are you in search of super orgasms? Then the massage wand is the perfect present to give yourself. If you have trouble climaxing or want an extra zing in your sex life, this toy can do the trick. You’ll be head over heels in love after the first use. Just give it a try! 



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