Sex Last Longer
Remember the first time with her? Clothes came off, maybe your best electric masturbators came out in the heat of the moment. But it only took a few thrusts before you knew it was going to be over almost as soon as it had begun. 
Temperature Play Right with Sex Toys

How to Get Temperature Play Right with Sex Toys

Temperature play works by activating the body’s neuroreceptors in unpredictable and sometimes intense ways. Imagine taking an ice cube and gently gliding it along your partner’s lips, neck, chest, navel, or genitals. This is the typical image that many people conjure when thinking about temperature play - the act of using heat or cold during sex for sensual arousal.
My Sex Doll

All About My Sex Doll (A Guide for Beginners)

As sex dolls are crafted to give the user a feeling of natural sex with a human partner, they can also be used to try out different sex positions. I always thought that with a sex doll, I would be able to try only the missionary position. But I was wrong. Spooning, doggy style, cowgirl, bent over, or sex against the wall... You name it and you can experience it with your beloved doll! 
Sex Toys for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

4 Titillating Sex Toys for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Consensual sex is great, but it can get even better if you have the right hardware in place. Yes, we’re talking about sex toys! Whether you’re single, committed, married, or divorced, these toys are a great way to enhance sexual stimulation and satisfaction.
Anal Sex: Everything About the Basics

Anal Sex: Everything About the Basics

Although considered something of a taboo, anal sex is popular for a reason. (Many, actually.)  So, what can you do if you’re curious about trying out anal sex? Well, the very first thing would be to research beforehand – and be especially cautious if you’re a beginner. Remember, knowledge is power and caution makes for better pleasure.
Masturbation for Men

Masturbation for Men: Increase the Pleasure with Vibrators

Yes, you read that right. Using vibrators during masturbation is a real thing for both women and men. A range of new male masturbators is slowly gaining momentum among male pleasure-seekers — and for good reason. One study by Indiana University School of Health researchers found that around 45% of men have used vibrators or masturbators for pleasure. 
Strap-On Dildos and Harnesses

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Strap-On Dildos and Harnesses

Strap-on dildos are meant to emulate the look and experience of a real penis. As the name indicates, the strap-on set-up consists of a dildo that sits in a harness worn around the waist or hips. The dildo features a flared base and the harness has an O-ring that holds it in position against the wearer’s pelvis.
Magic Wand Massagers

Magic Wand Massagers: How They Rev Things Up in the Bedroom

But did you know that they weren't invented as an adult toy? Hitachi started selling these supposed ‘neck and back massagers’ in 1968. They termed the product a 'magic wand' due to its mystic ability to ease knots in muscles. Little did they know – or did they? – that women would start using them for a different purpose! And now these rechargeable massage wands are one of the most renowned adult toys!
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