Anal Sex: Everything About the Basics

Anal Sex: Everything About the Basics

Anal Sex – Although considered something of a taboo, anal sex is popular for a reason. (Many, actually.) 

So, what can you do if you’re curious about trying out anal sex? Well, the very first thing would be to research beforehand – and be especially cautious if you’re a beginner. Remember, knowledge is power and caution makes for better pleasure. 

When people ask if anal sex hurts, the answer should be no. But it can if you aren’t doing it right. That said, read this article to get informed with some simple techniques. 

Make Anal Sex Safe & Painless

Anal sex can be even more exciting with the use of some male sex toys. It requires patience and lots of lube. Follow these tips to make it safe and better. 

  • Clean Up! 

Anal sex can be messy but doesn’t have to be. A simple enema and shower to clean the area is the best place to start. 

  • Do Not Skip Foreplay

This is often the best part of sex. You need to pay attention to your partner by creating a sensual scene with lots of touches and kissing to prepare for the main event! 

  • Lots of Lube 

One of the biggest causes of pain during anal sex is the absence of enough lubrication. Unlike the vagina or mouth, the anus doesn’t produce any lubricant. Using male anal sex toys can make it easier to try anal with your partner but don’t forget to stock up on some lube! 

  • Be Patient

Don’t pressure yourself into needing to orgasm the first time you have anal sex with your partner. Don’t pressure yourself to put anything in your bottom that you don’t feel comfortable with! 

Your sphincter needs time to relax and allow for penetration without pain. So, take lots of time, use your fingers (or your partner’s tongue) to gently massage the area first. You need to be patient, communicative, and relax your body and mind before trying out anal. 

  • Use a Pillow 

Doggy style is not the only – or the best – way to have penetrative anal sex. For couples using a penis or strapless strap-on to penetrate, let the partner being penetrated control the situation by lowering themselves onto the partner lying on their back. Or the partner doing the penetrating can mount their partner missionary-style. Hint: the one lying back may want a pillow to elevate their bottom.

Count on the Benefits of Anal Sex

Anal isn’t for everyone, but it has its benefits.

  • No Chance of Getting Pregnant

But you should still wear a condom in case of STIs and for cleanliness. 

  • You Can Have Intense Orgasms

If you’ve tried anal sex toys when you masturbate, you know it can provide intense orgasms. Now imagine experiencing the same with your partner. 

For people with vaginas, stimulation of the G-spot and A-spot can both provide amazing orgasms. And for those with a penis, the P-spot can be reached easily through anal penetration for intensified climaxes! 

  • Experiment with New Toys

If anal beads and butt plugs have always interested you in the past, or if you have always wanted to try dildos anally opening, then it is the right time to experiment. For beginners as well as regular sex toy users, we have a collection of some of the best female and male sex toys in Canada. You can try these out to understand how anal sex might feel with a partner. 

  • Experiment with Something New for Better Pleasure

With everybody home more often (although hopefully for not much longer), this is the perfect time to try something new!

Even if anal sex isn’t at the top of your sexual to-do list, start thinking about it. By knowing these basics, you’ll learn to love it faster, whether you try it with a partner or with a toy. And as they say, practice makes perfect. 


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