How Often Should Men Masturbate? (Tips to Make It Better)

Men Masturbate

Men Masturbate – Culturally, male masturbation is usually played off with jokes. (American Pie anyone?) It may be a perfectly natural process, but it’s not generally discussed. Yet studies have shown that masturbation for men, apart from tickling the funny bone, is also good for health and mind. 

Most men masturbate; some a little, some a lot. The adult toy industry has many masturbation toys for men, but many guys rely on their hands alone and have no clue about their options. 

Here, we look at how often men should masturbate and the toys they can access to make it that much more pleasurable. 

How Often Should Men Masturbate?

There’s no hard and fast rule here. It depends on the kind of person you are and the lifestyle you lead. There are also several questions regarding masturbation in men. Does it increase testosterone levels? Is it healthy? 

Before answering these in detail, let’s find out which factors impact the frequency of your masturbation:

  • Availability of Time: If you have the time, you can masturbate almost every single day and explore different ways to do it. You may even have time to try sex toys like the amazing Fleshlight. 
  • Relationship Status: Men with partners masturbate less often than those without. Either way, Fleshlights crafted after the private parts of famous porn stars (like the Elsa Jean Tasty and the Emily Willis Squirt) are popular options. 
  • Age: The male sex drive is at its highest between adolescence and early 20s, meaning younger men masturbate more than older ones. 

Recommended Masturbation Frequency for Men

Masturbation has several health benefits for men. According to one Harvard study, men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month are 33% less likely to contract prostate cancer. This study included both masturbation and partnered sex. Not a bad monthly goal. 

Why Is Masturbation Necessary?

Besides fun, masturbation can stave off headaches, improve mood, take away stress, and improve skin texture. It can also increase endurance during partnered sex. Indeed, regular masturbation makes you feel more positive and confident about your body. 

How to Use Fleshlights for Masturbation

The best and the most convenient sex toys for men are Fleshlights, which are generically known as strokers. However, using Fleshlights is hardly boring. Here are a few simple ways to make your solo play sessions with a Fleshlight addictively fun. 

  • The Conventional Way: Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Now take the Fleshlight, lube up, and start stroking… slowly. Once you get the rhythm right, away you go. 
  • Try Temperature Play: One of the best ways to improve your Fleshlight experience is to warm it up in a bowl of hot water. Or cold if you prefer. 
  • Try Different Positions: Pretty self-explanatory. Instead of lying down, sit or stand up. Or try it on all fours.  
  • Use a Condom: Sounds silly, yes, but it can add to how real the experience is. Of course, don’t forget to use lube. 

Wondering how often you should masturbate is normal. A little research will even come up with tips and tricks for making it feel even better. Now, go enjoy yourself. 


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