All About My Sex Doll (A Guide for Beginners)

My Sex Doll

A sex doll can spice up your life. If you haven’t experienced it, but are eager to buy a superb sex doll, keep reading.

A sex doll can be an amazing companion that provides unmatched satisfaction. A sex doll will provide you with the ecstasy you’re looking for – unconditionally and without judging you.

A few months back I bought a sex doll (Perfect Woman is the one I chose).  Here are a few insights I’ve gleaned that I would love to share. 

Sex Dolls Are Safe to Use

When I first decided to sex doll, I was a little apprehensive about its safety, to be honest. However, after reading many articles on the web and talking online with long-time sex doll users, I finally took the plunge. And now, as I have been using them for a few months, I know that they are safe to use. There are just a few things you need to do to ensure its safety. 

  • Always clean the doll with a good toy cleaner. (Avoid chemical cleaners.)
  • Never share your doll. 
  • Properly clean the orifices after every use.
  • Use a good water-based lube. 

You Can Try Multiple Positions with a Sex Doll

As sex dolls are crafted to give the user a feeling of natural sex with a human partner, they can also be used to try out different sex positions. I always thought that with a sex doll, I would be able to try only the missionary position. But I was wrong. Spooning, doggy style, cowgirl, bent over, or sex against the wall… You name it and you can experience it with your beloved doll! 

A Sex Doll Can Be a Great Companion

If you think that a sex doll can only be your sexual partner, then you are wrong. It can also act as a companion. I have cuddled with my doll, hugged her, and slept with her on several nights. 

As these dolls are generally made of super-soft silicone or rubbers, touching them feels almost like touching a real human. Although they can’t speak, you can still hold them close, have a hearty talk, and just be. 

You Can Engage in Cosplay with a Sex Doll

I have been doing this almost every alternate weekend and, trust me, I am lovin’ it! No matter which sex doll you end up buying, you can always dress it up according to your whims and fancies, and then spend a few sensual hours with her. You can buy costumes of your favorite anime characters or porn stars, and then, who knows? 

Now is the perfect time to order a sex doll. The COVID-19 pandemic has been keeping us all at home. So, if you’ve been feeling a little lonely of late, buy the doll of your choice to add a little fun and pleasure to your days in lockdown. And if you have any questions regarding such dolls, you can always comment below and I will answer. Stay safe and enjoy your time at home, with the toys of your choice


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