How to Get Temperature Play Right with Sex Toys

Temperature Play Right with Sex Toys

Temperature Play Right with Sex Toys – Much of sexual pleasure comes from foreplay. This can take many forms – touching, stroking, spanking… even temperature play. 

While you’ve likely explored the others, temperature play can sound kind of intense. Contrary to what you may think, this foreplay technique is not exclusive to BDSM play and is safe –when done right. 

But what does ‘done right’ mean? Is it all about ice cubes, melted wax, hot oil, and fire? Not necessarily. Thanks to modern technology, several sex toys are perfectly safe and easy to use when it comes to temperature play.

Note: Everyone has a different tolerance for temperature changes, and some people may not be comfortable with it. So, as with any type of sexual play, consent and communication are crucial.

4 Types of Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Temperature Play

Temperature play works by activating the body’s neuroreceptors in unpredictable and sometimes intense ways. Imagine taking an ice cube and gently gliding it along your partner’s lips, neck, chest, navel, or genitals. This is the typical image that many people conjure when thinking about temperature play – the act of using heat or cold during sex for sensual arousal. 

However, as hot (or cool!) as experimenting with ice can be, there are many advanced ways to play with temperature during sex – adult toys being one of them. 

Here are a few products that you can try when introducing temperature play into your love life.

  1. Glass Dildos

Typically made of hypoallergenic, high-grade borosilicate glass, glass dildos are a safe and effective way to indulge in temperature play. Put them in a bowl of ice or warm water (never hot) and leave for a few minutes until they reach the desired temperature.

For example, the Icicles No. 61 Massager features a dong-shaped design with a tapered tip, pronounced head, swirling ribbed shaft and realistic balls at the flat base for ease of handling. While women typically use glass dildos to stimulate their vaginal wall and G-spot, men may use them for anal and prostate stimulation. Or, this arched, dual-ended glass dildo can serve both as a male and female sex toy. 

Once you’re done with either, clean with warm water and a few drops of toy cleaner. 

Note: It’s a good idea to use generous amounts of lubricant with your glass dildo. (Just be sure not to use so much that you lose your grip!) This will prevent friction and add to your pleasure.
  1. Metal Butt Plugs

There are a lot of nerves in and around our erogenous zones – including our anus. Butt plugs stimulate your sphincter and make anal intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable.

When dipped in cold or hot water, metal butt plugs further enhance your sensual pleasure and satisfaction. For example, the Fetish Fantasy Gold Mini Luv Plug comes with a tapered tip, smooth neck, and a firm base that takes anal stimulation to another level. 

Made from pure aluminum, this plug is perfect for temperature play. Nonporous and body-safe, it can be easily cleaned and used with all standard lubricants.

  1. Glass Kegel Balls

Just like glass dildos, glass Kegel balls are a great way to spice up your regular bedroom play. Perfect for vaginal stimulation and pelvic muscle strengthening, these glass spheres also act as an excellent temperature play toy. Put them in the freezer or run them under hot water, either way, they’re guaranteed to provide amazing sensations. 

If you’re a woman seeking solo pleasure, put your warm or cold Kegel balls inside your vagina, and start squeezing your pelvic muscles. As you become stimulated, begin exploring other parts of your body. For example, as you squeeze, slowly rub a vibrator on and around your clitoris for a memorable climax. However, if you’re using a dildo or any other sex toy vaginally, it’s better to pull them out. 

Note: If the balls don’t come out right away, don’t fret. Try inserting more lube, coughing, moving around, or jumping to help your vaginal muscles contract and release them. If nothing works, visit a doctor right away. Also, never use Kegel balls anally.
  1. Metal Nipple Clamps

With around 800 nerve endings each, nipples are an erogenous zone perfect for sensation play. Just like a penis or clitoris, the erectile tissues in nipples stiffen, enlarge, and become sensitive upon arousal. 

If you’ve ever had your partner stimulate your nipples during sex, you know how thrilling and satisfying the sensation can be. Some studies have even shown that nipple stimulation can boost sexual arousal in both men and women. Hence, this erotic play is a great way to intensify your sexual pleasure during foreplay, masturbation, and vaginal/anal penetration. 

Metal nipple clamps provide the perfect combination of sensory and temperature play. Drop them in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water for a few minutes, or chill them in the freezer for 5 to 10. The metal easily absorbs both heat and cold and releases it slowly during play. Clamping at the areola (the area around the nipple) gives a hot/cold pinching effect while clamping closer to the tip can create a painfully satisfying experience.

Our senses invoke fantasy, memory, excitement, and eroticism, and there are tons of possibilities when it comes to sensual activities. Temperature play is one of the most basic, and you can experiment by using temperature-sensitive toys to heighten the sexual tension. When it comes to sex, mutual trust, respect, and understanding are paramount. If you want to try something new like temperature play, always discuss it with your partner beforehand to ensure they’re comfortable with it.


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