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Sex Last Longer
Remember the first time with her? Clothes came off, maybe your best electric masturbators came out in the heat of the moment. But it only took a few thrusts before you knew it was going to be over almost as soon as it had begun. 
5 Surprising Sex Toy Mistakes You Probably Making
Cleaning your sex toys is just as necessary as doing laundry or running your dishwasher. After all, they get pretty intimate with your private parts and not cleaning them well can lead to bacterial infections.  Indeed, proper toy hygiene needs to be maintained for your safety as well as for the longevity of your favorite sex toys. 
Basic Guide to Cock Rings
When we talk about cock rings, we refer to a circular toy that snugly fits around the base of the penis. Its job is to restrict blood flow around the area, thereby making your cock feel fuller and harder. 
Strokers for Men
Have you been thinking about getting a little more fun and buying yourself a stroker? Well, you’ve probably stepped back after reading some glowing reviews. A perfect stroker will help maximize your pleasure. If you want to buy one, these hints will guide you through.
Anal Sex
Anal sex is a common sexual practice across different genders and sexualities. Engaging in a few practices beforehand can help everyone feel more comfortable and less inhibited. It can also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
Temperature Play Right with Sex Toys
Temperature play works by activating the body’s neuroreceptors in unpredictable and sometimes intense ways. Imagine taking an ice cube and gently gliding it along your partner’s lips, neck, chest, navel, or genitals. This is the typical image that many people conjure when thinking about temperature play - the act of using heat or cold during sex for sensual arousal.

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